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About Us

In the era of daily breaking news, research-based journalism on policy matters is palpably missing. This propelled us to launch an independent online media platform to bring citizen-friendly investigative stories.

At a time of financial crunch in the media industry, battling censorship, clutter and populist news items, we are a group of journalists and researchers aiming to dig down on often ignored and critical issues that affect us all.

Our Focus

  • Climate policies 
  • Gender matters 
  • Hyper local civic issues
  • Urban planning and management policies 
  • Electoral politics
  • Energy & Economy
  • Health & Education

Our Media

  • Long form, interactive and investigative stories
  • Video explainers, podcasts
  • Webinars, talks, seminars, twitter spaces
  • Inclusive community spaces, open mics

Fact Checking Policy

The editorial team of The Citizenry has a primary responsibility to ensure accuracy. We make sure that our investigations go through a double verification process.

The information provided by one source is verified by at least one other source. We also rely on verified government documents for our story and make sure claims are not made in the air.

There could be cases where we strictly protect our sources by not naming them. Rest assured in such scenarios the information provided by anonymous sources would be verified.

Correction Policy

If any fact or report published by The Citizenry is contested, the editorial team will first confirm the contested claim with the reporter who filed the story. 

 If a mistake is found at the reporter’s end a clarification will be issued promptly.

On the website, our editorial team will update the story which contains the mistake with accurate details. At the end of the contested article, there will be a special note saying, “An earlier version of this article stated xyz. This was incorrect and the mistake has been fixed. We regret the error.” We may also mention the paragraph where the mistake has been fixed. 

If the mistake is found on social media, as well, the editorial team will update it with accurate details. On top of the edited post, there will be a note saying, “An earlier version of this post stated xyz. This was incorrect and the mistake has been fixed. We regret the error.”

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